Truck Title Loans

Truck Title Loans with Quick Approval

A truck title loan is a type of short-term, secured loan that requires the title to your truck as collateral for the loan. Truck title loans allow you to get access to quick cash even if you have a poor credit history or you have been turned down for traditional loans before. With Net Title Loans, you can apply for a truck title loan quickly and easily. Upon approval, you will have cash in your hand within hours. We offer low-interest rates and flexible payment plans, which separates us from other auto title lending companies in the area. Also, we have a quick approval process. Please contact us directly to know more about our truck title loans.

What is A Truck Title Loan?

A truck title loan is a loan where the borrower utilizes his truck title as a guarantee to borrow money. It’s easy and simple. You just need to own a truck to apply for a truck title loan. It is the best solution for people who need quick cash but can’t get approved for a loan from traditional lenders due to a bad credit score.

The best part is that your credit history doesn’t influence your chances of getting approval for these types of loans. The loan amount is usually determined based only upon your truck’s value and your ability to repay the loan. So, you are still eligible for a truck title loan even if you have bad credit.

With Net Title Loans, you can borrow up to $50,000. You can use the money for anything you want, including urgent home repairs, a medical emergency, etc. You can repay the loan on a multi-year installment plan.

We have made the loan application process as easy and convenient as possible for you. You can apply online through our website. Just fill out and submit our online form. We will be in touch with you shortly. You can rest assured that we will guide you through the entire title lending process.

How Does It Work?

If you own your truck, you can qualify for a truck title loan with Net Title Loans. You must have all your truck ownership documents ready before you start the application process. Upon approval, you will give the title to your truck to the lender. You keep your truck during the loan term. You can continue driving or using it as usual. However, the lender may install a GPS device to track your truck.

You are free to use the loan amount however you need to. Once you repay your loan, the title to your truck will be clear of any lien. However, non-payment of your loan can result in your truck being repossessed by the lender. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

Benefits of A Truck Title Loan

Truck title loans are well-known for several reasons. First of all, people with bad credit are eligible for applying for a truck title loan. So, if you have previously been turned down for a loan from banks or other financial institutions, you can still apply for a truck title loan with Net Title Loans. Another great benefit of a truck title loan is that your truck won’t be confiscated. Other benefits of truck title loans include fast approval, low interest, flexible payments, etc.

Apply for A Truck Title Loan Today

Applying for a truck title loan is quick and easy with Net Title Loans. First of all, you need to fill out the online form on our website. Make sure you have entered the correct details before submitting the form. We will review your application and let you know how much you qualify for.

Please remember that the approved loan amount can be different than what you requested. We take various things into consideration when determining the loan amount. These include your truck’s value, your capacity to pay the loan, etc.

Once you are approved for the loan, you will need to submit all the supporting documents that include lien-free title, proof of income, proof of address, proof of insurance, driver’s license, etc. Don’t worry! We will guide you through the entire process. You can expect to receive the money you need within 24 hours.

At Net Title Loans, we strive to deliver a satisfying experience to each and every person who approaches us for auto title loans. You can call us directly or drop us a mail if you have any queries about our process. We will try to answer them as soon as possible.

Car title Loans

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Car title loans are fast and simple and you get money now! We will get you a loan on your car title. is not a lending partner. We collect personal information from our clients and share it with our network of lenders as well as marketing partners. Sharing your information on the website does not guarantee you will be approved for a loan or credit product. We are not available in all states. In some cases, you may be connected with a tribal lender.


Tribal lenders are subject to tribal and certain federal laws only while other lenders are also subject to state law including usury caps. By submitting your application, you acknowledge, agree, and authorize that (a) your information may be shared with third-party marketing partners and lenders in our network, and (b) such lenders may obtain consumer reports and related information about you from one or more consumer reporting agencies, such as TransUnion, Experian and Equifax to evaluate your creditworthiness. If you have any questions about your loan, please contact your lender directly.

(a) The approval of a loan is subject to meeting the credit criteria of the lender. This may include providing acceptable property as collateral. Things like the loan amount, term, and the annual percentage rate of the loan that you qualify for may vary from one person to another. Proceeds from the title loan are intended primarily for personal, family, and household purposes. The minimum loan amount varies by state. The borrower must demonstrate the ability to repay the loan to get approved for a title loan. (b) It can take five (5) minutes for you to complete the form inquiry process. Upon completion, you will receive conditional approval pending review documentation. Funding time depends on the time from final loan approval following receipt and review of all the necessary documents and signing.

Title Loan lenders are usually licensed by the State in which you reside. You should consult directly with these regulatory agencies to make sure your lender is licensed and in compliance. These agencies are there to protect you and we advise making sure any lender you receive money from is fully licensed.